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Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy is a complete treatment that really works with the body, brain, feelings and soul. It depends on the philosophies of reason and effects (Karma) and the hypothesis. Your reactions and the way you react to issues are situated before. The therapist guide you back to a phase before birth in this lifetime to find the main reasons of issues you might be experiencing in the present and heal them. This may include relationship issues, unrelieved diseases, fears, addictions, sexual dysfunction, certain behavioral pattern, repeating bad dreams, fear of death, and so for. Past life regression therapy can quicken the healing process as one understands and experiences on a much more profound level the source of one’s issues. This strategy is also important and pleasant for self- discovery if you are feeling problem free!

Find answers to life's unanswered questions and repetitive patterns. Heal unsolved, irrational fears or phobias, self-beliefs or habits, or recurring ailments or those with no medicinal cure or reason.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is much like a deep-guided meditation, wherein you relax and admit your consciousness to approach the memories from the subconscious mind, which holds the answers to life questions. Once we release the remaining energy and unhealthy beliefs from those lifetimes, we feel lighter here, in this lifetime.

Past Life Regression India

Past Life Regression

It can be an brilliant tool for self-discovery, to clarify life-purpose, relationship conflicts, career goals etc. Know the growth trajectory your soul is on across lifetimes. The knowledge you gain from those lifetimes can be then integrated into your current choices. Come, experience it for yourself.

Age Regression can help in curing the traumas, triggers and unhealthy belief systems of this lifetime. Emotional healing can help you come out of the bad memories of the past and live a happy life.

Healing session is conducted and carefully monitored by the Therapist where you can connect with your Soul, Aura and Chakras. So that the negative energies and external bodies can be cleansed and cleared.

You may be asked to get information about your pre-natal and birthing history, early childhood, and any other traumas or important events in life. Please have only a light meal before session and be fully rested.

Some individuals have impulsive flashbacks among the waking state. This might be initiated by an event, for example, visiting a spot where one has lived in a past life. Past life memories may also show up in dreams or within meditation. The best and favorable way to review a past life is to have a session with a competent and dedicated past-life regression therapist. In an intensely stress-free state. One goes back within time with the help of  therapist to find the roots of fears, relationships, issues, attitudes or behavior that makes impact on present life.

Some persons have extraordinarily emotional recall while others may have a natural knowing without a ton of feeling and imagery. Therapist doesn’t apply his spiritual potentials to let you know about your past lives. You find them yourself as the therapist help you go in backward and forward in the story of your past life by making questions. This is more therapeutic, successful, and empowering than having somebody tell your past lives. You are in power of the session.

Past Life Regression Therapy can change your life!. It will help you to shape up your maximum potential, open concealed capabilities, and make more compassion and love for yourself as well as other people. It can disclose your life reason and purpose behind incarnating, and assist you to overcome the fear of death. After a past life regression session, plentiful customers report feeling a more prominent feeling of hidden peace, love and self-acknowledgment. When they understand that they have picked their life circumstances and the lessons that they have to learn.

The sessions of Past Life Regression Delhi are round for two hours. The therapist first meeting you and get some information about your present life. Together we search for repeating prototype that may mark issues in your life and that will prompt your unconscious brain to direct you to the past life source of these glitches. Then you make a concentration or objective for the session. This is trailed by guided meditation and advanced relaxation which allows you to get to access vital subconscious memories from this lifetime or another.

The subliminal, in its endless wisdom, will definitely uncover what is appropriate and healing for your present life situation. Some people see glimpses of a few past lives, others may dig into one exact past life in more detail, another may find imperative suppressed memories from the present lifetime. As you turn out to be more stress-free with the technique, you will find that this data is profitable and accurate and adds to your healing and prosperity.

The therapist makes a safe and helpful environment for you. You will just experience shocking memories if you are ready to let go of them. You’re in control! Liberating feelings or physical shock stored in the body and brain is really healing. The vast majority feel calmed, energized, and more peaceful after finding protected up past-life memories that may have brought about needless worries and fears in the present life.

Many persons are capable to experience an alpha mind wave condition that is vital to review past lives. Numerous customers succeed in the primary session, others may need more than one session to entirely relax and come across past-life recall. Some calm down more strongly than others and have a broader recall. Others may surprisingly benefit just from the relaxation procedure at first as they realize trust in themselves and their capability to review past lives. Your body, mind, and soul will succeed you to continue at your own particular pace. The therapist is available to support and assist you however you are in charge for your healing journey.

Some people feel tremendously cheerful and peace-loving; others may feel tired or even go through a little pain or a headache associated with the release of stored pain. These reactions are ordinary and not dangerous. It’s best to plan your appointment during a period when you can take the rest of the day away from work. The vast majority want to be alone from everyone else afterwards to integrate and audit the session.


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