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Aura/Energy Scanning

The whole universe is accumulated of numerous energies. All living and non-living objects have some or the other form of energy. We humans are no exception. Our body is comprised of various energies which creates an ‘AURA’ around us. Energy scanner is the device used to measure these energies and to identify the dangerous ones out of these as per sample inserted into it.

Aura Scanner is a device that can sense the Aura of a person or object. Each living or non-living being on the planet is made up of matter, of which an atom is the smallest part. The universe encompasses of numerous energies emanated and affected by the atom. The Aura scanner has been developed to efficiently sense the levels of energy sample provided to it.

How we use Energy Scanner

Most Vaastu consultants works on the structural principles only. This is why even after living in perfect Vaastu compatible buildings, one keeps on experiencing problems in the life. There could be negative energy points in the Vaastu that cannot be detected without this scanner. There are energies within clothes, utensils and other articles etc., which make negative effect on the aura of the house and the humans living in it, creating ill luck.

Geopathic Stress is the term given to repeatedly released gases and energies by the Earth. These cannot be seen with a naked eye. Too much of such negative energies do not let people living in a house grow in personal and professional lives. There have been cases where individuals suffered from chronic diseases at a very young age. They were living in geopathic stress zones.

Each person has an Aura. If a person is unhealthy or is wearing some negative jewelry/gems, his aura gets affected. Sometimes an aura is affected if a person is sleeping in a Geopathic stress zone.

Our body and environment is made up of a balance of all seven Colours, which are representative of our Chakras. When a disparity is observed, it designates a disease or some issue in the location. This scanner can detect what amount of colour is needed in the house or the body. This is what is called the colour therapy, which when taken alongside medicines, heals faster.

If all the Chakras, which are our energy fields, are not functioning properly, there could be a problem in the energy levels. If there are blocks, which are obstructing the flow of energy then probability of getting disease or problem is much high. With the help of the Energy Scanner, we can find out the exact situation your Chakras. Most diseases are caused mainly by negative energies of the body. Using Aura scanner one may find out the negativity of the body and ill effects they are causing to the person.

Even Stones have energies, this is the reason why astrologers suggest these stones. Though, they all may not be compatible with each other or to find out which one would suit you, the assistances of the scanner may be taken. The Aura scanner can check whether a specific stone is well suited or not. Sometimes even the Jewelry one is wearing radiates negative energy. It causes irritation to the mind of the person wearing it without recognizing. The Aura scanner can be useful here too.

The Aura Scanner is not only very helpful in detecting the compatibility between two persons which is essential in business associations, marriages etc. but also finds compatibility between a person and particular object/s like gadget, vehicle, machinery etc.

The Aura scanner is quite helpful to conduct search of a missing person or object/s (provided a photograph of a missing person or lost object is available)

Sometimes a medicine just doesn’t help, you have to go through the hit and trial to see which one suits. The reason is because certain medicines may not be compatible with your body. With the energy scanner, you could easily find out which medicines will work well for you.


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