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Meditation Classes

Spiritual Tree's Meditation studio is located in Rohini, Delhi, India. Apart from Meditation sessions in our studio, we conduct online meditation sessions, outdoor meditation sessions for various groups and individuals.

We teach different guided Meditations, which helps in:

  • To be calm and peaceful
  • To be in Mindfulness
  • To become more and more aware which ultimately will makes us happy, irrespective of our external conditions
  • To maintain a balance in life

Meditation can also help us to comprehend our own mind. It has huge impact on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. It teaches us to transform our mind from being unhappy to be happy, negative to positive, from anxious to peacefulness etc. Overcoming negative minds and nurturing productive thoughts is the purpose of meditation found in the Buddhist tradition. This is one of the profound spiritual practices one can enjoy throughout the day, not just while seated in meditation only.

Our different meditation practices empower you to overcome the anxiety and get rid of negativity around you. Our meditation sessions are for individuals and for groups, these meditation sessions are accompanied by group spiritual counseling session and techniques which one can use post meditation session to be remain in awareness.

Meditation Classes Rohini Delhi

Meditation Workshops


  • 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

  • 11.00 am to 1.00 pm

  • All Sundays are holidays.
  • Meeting by appointment only

Spiritual Healers in Delhi

Our motive is to make you independent, free from all man made conditions which have been imposed on you since time immemorial. We want you to be your own guide, your own teacher and own auditor of your life.



  • +91 9811063272

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  • 714, SG Shopping Malll, DC Chowk, Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi-110085, INDIA.

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