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Spiritual Tree provides Vaastu Consultancy, Guided Meditation and Spiritual Healing Services across the globe to its clients from New Delhi, India. Our aim is your comprehensive well-being and to create a harmonious atmosphere that energizes Body, Mind and Soul of individuals through transformative solutions to make this world adobe of Love, Light and Hope.

Lama Fera Healing
Lama Fera Healing

Lama Fera Healing is considered as the world's fastest and most powerful healing technique for psychic problems. It removes pressure of thoughts and increases the vital energy of the bodies.

Reiki Healing
Best Vaastu Services

Reiki Healing is a calm and soothing complimentary universal energy healing method that encourages overall health at body, mind and soul level which can be given through distance as well.

Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression

In Past Life Regression, healer takes you to previous life to find out the reasons of issues you are experiencing in relationships, certain behavioral pattern, addictions and recurring ailments etc.

Energy Healing
Energy Healers India

With our vast experience in different natural healing modalities like Energy Healing, Lama Fera, Dragon Healing, Reiki, etc. Our aim is to create symphony between your body, mind and soul.

Guided Meditation

Meditation is relaxation. With the frantic pace & demands of modern life, many people feel strained and over worked. Our stress and tired life makes us unhappy, unfulfilled and irritated. It can further make impact on our health. Meditation empowers you to overcome the stress and fill you with positivity in your life. We are available to host Guided Meditation Sessions for Individuals, Groups and Corporates in and outside our studio, which is in New Delhi, India. Spiritual counseling complements the session and teachings of meditation.

Meditation Studio Rohini, Delhi


At Spiritual Tree we offer different courses for the seekers under various categories like: Spiritual Healing, Vaastu and Numerology. These courses have been crafted for everyone keeping in mind to have easily accessible and easy to use formats, which can completed by the students according to their flexibility. These courses help you to increase your overall health and wellbeing, and to help others to do the same. All courses come up with the certificate from Spiritual Tree.

Lama Fera Teachers Delhi

Learn Lama Fera Healing

Lama Fera Healing

We teach Lama Fera, one of the most powerful healing techniques from Lama Fera Master Teach in Delhi.

Vaastu Courses Delhi

Learn Vaastu Shastra


Learn art and science behind Vaastu mixed with spiritual and ancient aspect of it with proven remedies.

Reiki Courses Delhi India

Learn Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Learn Reiki 1, 2 & 3 degrees in Delhi to heal yourself and your loved ones. We teach Reiki in groups and individually.

Vaastu Services

Balancing Five elements of your Home is Vaastu. With amalgamation of scientific and Vedic principles we maintain the harmonious relationship between these elements without demolition and modifications. We have expertise in Residential Vaastu, Commercial Vaastu and Industrial Vaastu. Our Vaastu remedies are very easy, effective and economical too.

Why Spiritual Tree?

Nature does not want to tell you your future in advance. What if you know what is going to happen tomorrow, all the excitement of the life will be gone, people will not take any action because they know that this is going or not going to happen tomorrow. Through the guidance of Spiritual Tree you will become a fearless carter of your own destiny.

Aura Scanning

Aura or Abha Mandal is a luminous radiating Energy Field around a person’s body. A bright and positive aura not only makes a person mentally and physically strong and happy but resistant to negative energies, black magic etc. If your Aura is strong and clean it acts as a magnet for positive energies thus making our body healthy and repulsing negative energies. We not only scan your Aura but also heal it by cleansing through Dowsing, Energy Healing etc. so to attain positivity in your life.


  • 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

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  • All Sundays are holidays.
  • Meeting by appointment only

Spiritual Healers in Delhi

Our motive is to make you independent, free from all man made conditions which have been imposed on you since time immemorial. We want you to be your own guide, your own teacher and own auditor of your life.



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